The Leitz "ripple" tool not only reduced the scrap rate by 90% but increased the overall product quality and throughput and reduced production costs at the same time, a win-win situation.

The development of this patented technology was kicked off by the request of the European Window Industry. Maximizing yield has always been a key issue in European plants for cost and environmental reasons. Now several US industry leaders approach Leitz to find ways to reduce the scrap rate of in the production of certain Window and Door components. Leitz gladly accepted the challenge. The outcome was a clever way to not only reduce the scrap rate but increase overall quality and side benefits like improvements in structural strength and weather resistance.

Here's what our customers have to say
about Leitz RipTec pre-cutting system . . .

"With our old roughing planerhead, we regularly
got 30,000 feet between sharpenings.
With Leitz RipTec we now achieve
over 1 million running feet."
Brian Dew, Toolroom Manager
Marvin Windows (Ripley, TN)

"The investment in Leitz RipTec tooling
paid off in a stunning two months!
The cut results exceeded our expectations."
Steve Helffrich, Plant Manager
Shamrock (Horn Lake, MS)

Our Challenge

  • Provide a tool that could reduce tear out in areas like critical grain structure or sensitive wood species
  • Moulding or planning tool must be able to remove the same or more material at equal or higher feed speeds
  • Significant reduction of workpiece sanding
  • Simple Handling and user friendliness is required in order to avoid operator mistakes and to save on set up times
  • No significant increase in power consumption
  • No changes in feed speed and rpm
Our Challenge Image

Machine and application details

  • Machine: High Speed Flooring Line
  • Application: Sizing, planing, stress relief grooving  and profiling (tongue and groove) of solid wood planks
  • Product: Solid Wood Flooring
  • RPM: 6,000
  • Feed Speed: 400ft per minute
Machine and application details Image

The Leitz solution

  • Leitz  “Ripple” Preplaner on hydro sleeve on first bottom spindle
  • Leitz spiral Hydro HeliPlan insert planer head on second spindle
  • Insert tooling ensuring no machine realignment after service needed
The Leitz solution Image

The Results

  • Diameter constant high tech tooling increased performance (runtime) by about 40% and significantly reduced the machine downtime
  • Feed speed could be increased by about 20% due to reduced friction on machine surface (ripple profile surface)
  • Reduction of scrap was reduced to under 1%
  • Elimination of sanding seemed possible, significant reduction achieved
  • Excellent surface quality in sensitive wood species as well as critical grain areas
Results Image